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It's your business to know the difference.

Learn how to spot, avoid and report illegal business cartels

Cartel case studies

The consequences for business cheats can be serious and far-reaching – including big fines, lengthy investigations, disqualifications and even prison sentences.

Take a look into some of our recent cases to see where others went wrong and read our advice.

Price fixing


Market sharing

Could you spot a cartel?

Take our ‘Cartel Quiz’ to see if you can spot where you, or your competitors, may be at risk of breaking competition law.

Report a business cartel

If you’ve witnessed an illegal business cartel or been involved in one, you can do the right thing by reporting it to us.

If the information you provide leads to an investigation, you may earn a reward.

If you’ve seen something:

If you have been involved:

Tell us and you may get leniency.

We can provide confidential guidance.

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